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Myself along with some other fabulous and supportive photographers have begun our blog circle and September is the first month. Some of these lovely ladies I have known for a bit and others I have just met recently over on the Girl Hearts Camera Forum . This months theme is Be Supportive. The idea is to interpret each theme your own way and to use photographs to convey your meaning. I had a couple different ideas for this theme. Some just didn’t pan out though. And then one of the talented ladies in the blog circle mentioned that some of us were over thinking it and to just go with it.

The word Supportive means so many things to me but for me the true meaning is my amazing family and friends that support me and each other every day without ever giving it a second thought. When I told my husband a few years ago that I wanted to pursue photography he didn’t blink an eye or scoff at me. He stood behind me 100% and has donated much of his own time and our money to our business. My parents, children and friends have all been right behind me also. My parents take the kids if I have a shoot and hubby is working. My babies tell people Mama is a photographer and are learning to shoot themselves. My Nana got a Facebook account to see my work! { Well I am the favorite so that’s not a big surprise, lol } My family does not just support me, they support each other. In everyday life and in things that don’t seem to be a big deal to others we are constantly supporting each other. And I love them for that. We are also so lucky to support so many other things in life and share them with each other, from our favorite teams to our local community!

I am also extremely lucky enough to have an amazing online support system of friends from all over the country that I can learn from, teach to, support and receive support from. And truthfully I would not be the same person without them.

So here are some images of my interpretation.

Big plays with Little on PS3 even though Little doesn’t know what he’s doing and Big wants to yell at him he bites his tongue because ” Mama he’s only 3!!”.

Supporting good friends and knowing that they recognize it.

Supporting the Patriots and making yummy home made chili for the game! Go Pats! And hey America runs on Dunkins and so does the man half of this family. The woman half runs on Marylous’s.

Music is such a huge part of our lives, probably everybody’s. It can lift you up when you are low. You can hear a song and it can bring you back to anytime in your life no matter how much time has passed. Hubby and I stay up late jamming out to Itunes and occasionally little faces peek around the corner to join in. And the whole family knows we all support Pearl Jam!

Number one helps number three trace his letters on the IPhone. The older girls are always helping the littles with their work and teaching them.

We are so lucky to live in one of the most beautiful towns. America’s Hometown Plymouth Ma. I love supporting local small businesses and all of the history we have in this town! 

I have two amazing men in my life. My Dad is many things to me including being one of my best friends. He’s the most amazing B { kids couldn’t say Grampy } And he didn’t have to be any of the things he is to me. Thankfully 29 years ago he met hands down the best woman in the world but she came with a 2 year old. He fell in love with both of us, married both of us as we like to say and never looked back. He is now blessed with five amazing little rug rats, another BFF in his son in law and couldn’t be happier. We joke alot so while this picture may seem a little silly to some it fits him and his sense of humor perfectly. This image is not only of one of the most supportive men in my life but it also shows the couch that supports my Dad’s big behind and my Dad supporting every company that makes freeze pops. No joke the man could eat 20 in a sitting. Love him!

I am so so so extremely lucky to have found a man to spend my life with that is the best hubs, most amazing Daddy to our five and the hardest worker I know. He busts his butt 16 hours a day to support our family and to protect others in the community. He truly is one of a kind. And as the saying goes around here, If you don’t like Fran there’s something wrong with you. I always say it was meant to be when I found out he wears my birthday on his uniform every day. Well not the year that would make me like 375 years old. Oh and he has a nice bum =)

And we support our favorite man!! So much so that there will be weeks on end where we see Daddy just in passing while he’s heading up to bed during the day or getting ready for work in the late afternoon. It’s not an easy job to support especially when the littles are crying for Daddy and bed time kisses are given through FaceTime. But we love him and all he does to pieces. The saddest part of the day is when I go to bed and only one body is in this bed. { ok usually a couple littles come up along with a kitty and doggy so I’m not totally lonely }

Let me tell you about this next picture and how lights can mean so much to a person that by just looking at them you feel comfort, support and that all is right in the world. I have the BEST and yup I’ll totally argue with anyone that thinks their’s are better, the BEST neighbors. This amazing little family means the world to me. We help each other with watching kids, feeding animals, the usual I need sugar and everything that falls in between. Even if it’s 11 p.m. and someone sneaks in for a beer it’s all good. Just now when I went to check the back gate I heard a little 5 year old voice say out her window, ” Goodnite Felicia I love you” And I love those 2 little girls that live next door along with their Mama and Papa like you wouldn’t believe.

And of course I must give some love to those that have supported me immensely and I have tried to give just as much support back. First up is GHC and all the amazing photographers that contribute and belong in the community. Heather is just flat out amazing and the website she runs, community she has created and love and friendship she shows to so many so selflessly is just awesome to see and feel. Because of her I have had the guts { yeah I said guts } to push forward and pursue the dreams that have swirled around in my head for awhile. Thank you Heather and I absolutely can’t wait to give you a big hug in person in umm 53 days, 14 hours, 37 minutes and roughly 20 seconds.

I’m also lucky enough to have a super special chicka in my life that I call Corinne or AKA known as the bomb diggity { yup I said that too } We have been friends for over 9 years and big sad face right now I have never hugged my friend or her gorgeous babies! One day we will though! We have supported each other through pregnancies, babies, sad times, happy times, our businesses and we even get to cry on shoulders and vent to each other. She’s a huge support system for me. And I know she’s on the other side of the country feeling the same way.

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