Be Me | Plymouth Ma Photographer

I have been working on this post for a couple weeks now and am finally ready to publish it and put out into the world some of my thoughts and goals.

I have been in business for almost two years now and feel as though I have been all over the place. And my travels range from logo colors, pricing, processing and my favorite subjects to shoot. There is so much information out there on the internet that it can get overwhelming learning how to run a successful business and how to rock your camera. I have spent countless hours reading, soaking in information, browsing other photographers websites, fooling with settings on my camera, clicking the button and yelling at my kids to just LOOK AT ME PLEASE!! Mommy has an assignment due for a class and I just need ONE PICTURE!!!!!!!!!

I have invested a good chunk of money into equipment, software, workshops and marketing. { Too much if you ask the hubby }

I have pushed myself to learn my craft and become better so I could be perfect and book more sessions.

The problem is that in all of this I lost sight of many things. I was busy caught up with “getting there” and comparing myself to others in the industry that I lost me. I forgot why I wanted to become a photographer in the first place. Yes of course to take pictures and hopefully make some money to contribute to my family. But the real reason was so that I could have the chance to treasure memories and life through beautiful photographs for myself and others. And to have the opportunity to have a job that I truly loved doing.

A few months back I could feel myself falling into a rut with creativity and interest in photography. I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I felt with all the knowledge I had soaked up into my brain I should be better or at least happier with my work.

Then along came Jenny Cruger. She and I belong to Clickinmoms together. I have belonged to clickinmoms for two years now and would be nowhere without the immense amount of knowledge and the desire of others to help each other learn that is offered on this forum. Recently the site has begun offering breakout sessions. Little mini workshops packed full of info from different photographers. Well I chose Jenny’s Finding your Style and that’s when everything changed for me. I stopped comparing myself to others, I stopped beating myself up for not being “there” yet. And most importantly I started shooting for ME! I was able to see that I could shoot and process in the style that I envisioned and wanted. And while I want to give my clients everything they want the clients that want me for my work and my style will come to me. { eventually right?!? haha }

And when I realized all of this my style quickly started to fall into place and all started to feel right in the world again. I am happy to be where I am. I will always continue to strive to be better and will constantly be learning but when I get there I get there. I’m better than I was a year ago and I’ll be better than I am a year from now.   With every session or snapshots of my own babies I am more and more confident in my abilities and my work. To some will it be perfect or amazing or even good? Maybe not and that’s OK with me.

Because of Jenny I also stumbled upon Girl Hearts Camera. I am now a regular stalker of the blog. Jenny &  Heather Manor run the show over there along with some fabulously amazing other photog’s that contribute. They have so much knowledge that they are willing to share and they believe in others and want others to believe in themselves.

I now have other goals besides rocking my camera and building a successful business all while being a fabulous Mommy & Wife. I’m thinking next year this time I’d like to make CMPro and maybe be giving back and inspiring along side the girls at Girl Hearts Camera.

Thanks girls for helping me to see it’s pretty good to BE ME.